Eyes closed

I fell, like I always do, to the waters below -although instead of crystal clear this time they were soapy and misted. I hit the frosted surface and felt the swoosh ripple through my body. Visibility zero. What is being told here? My hair felt heavy and movements we slower and more laboured then usual. Something grabs my hair and pulls me further down into the pool towards the dark. The light goes, it’s cold. Where am I being taken? The creature is quick and before I know it I am in brilliant sunlight. The water is crystal clear once more. The temperature is noticeably higher. I surface. I am alone. The river bank is in sight… It’s so very bright here, like a childhood summer memory. Do I have to come back?


Jigsaw Springs

When I think back, it never rained. On these days, the church spire reached proudly above the houses, the only thing higher was the fire ball sun.

Hedges, a fortress. Tomatoes and Marrows. Runner beans grow where the anderson shelter once stood. The land was utilised.

Beneath them – a trickle. Stand still and listen for it. Water everywhere.

On the edge of this big city, let me float with the babblng. The spring beneath feeds us all.