Jigsaw Springs

When I think back, it never rained. On these days, the church spire reached proudly above the houses, the only thing higher was the fire ball sun.

Hedges, a fortress. Tomatoes and Marrows. Runner beans grow where the anderson shelter once stood. The land was utilised.

Beneath them – a trickle. Stand still and listen for it. Water everywhere.

On the edge of this big city, let me float with the babblng. The spring beneath feeds us all.


nothing is forever

the flaming reds and muddy russets

golds and mustard marmalades

the rain blots out

charred like skeletons of branch now

our autumnal fire

the rain snuffs out

fertile death

barren and hiding

the rain suspends

our evergreen soldier

can be seen stand guards

the rain caresses

nothing is forever.





The Power of Ritual

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Vintage Chest 016

Ritual, everyday ritual, is incredibly powerful!

Examine the ritual of power, be that in the opening of parliament, royal celebrations, religious ceremony…and you begin to see the importance and power of ritual!

sustainable living at bealtainecottage.com 005

So where does this fit into a sustainable life or a permaculture smallholding?

It is simple to understand in the context of power…

Since the rise of the Age of Technology, our real power as human beings has become diminished.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of bealtainecottage.com 018

We have become reliant on technology, without stopping to assess and filter the bits we really need and want.

Autumn in the permaculture gardens of bealtainecottage.com 003

I was contemplating this as I lit the stove this morning, moving to and fro with paper and wood, collecting fuel from the barn, whilst casting my eyes over the pile of long thin trunks, standing erect ready to be sawn into logs. Autumn in the permaculture gardens of bealtainecottage.com 001

My early morning coffee is predicated on lighting the stove and doing small chores, as I…

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Shutting It All Out.

In a few weeks time this time of day will be shrouded in darkness. The night will creep into our days and make us long for inside time. And I will tell you most honestly that I am looking forward to that. The cosy snuggly evenings, the drawn curtains, the ‘quiet’ time, the forced rest it brings. The home, more than ever, becomes a comfortable warm retreat, we leave the world outside and the boundaries become stronger. Like a child returning to the warm embrace of their mother we look inwards. Don’t fear it, enjoy it. Become aware of your space, be grateful for it. I know i will.