Light of Summer, the rise and fall

I saw the summer light glow through the thick mist and cloud this morning at Avebury, Wiltshire something i have always wanted to witness. A tick on the pagan bucket list perhaps? But i wanted it to be more than that. It was met with mixed emotions.

I love Avebury. I love everything about it. The myths, the stones, the trees, the landscape, the atmosphere. It brings out that care free child within me, full of energy and inspiration, one without adult worry. I associate it with this state of mind. So the idea of rolling out a sleeping bag and kipping under the stars as the sun sunk below our horizon really appealed and that was pleasant until it felt like eventually were were going to be trodden on by creatures whose minds were not in this sphere. I sigh.

At the sunset the Kings drummers did their thing and fire lit the darkening sky. Glow sticks aplenty and hola hoops hooping around slim faery creatures midriffs. Whilst watching the display I was dishearted as it became obvious that many folk who were there were so to primarily peddle drugs, get high, get drunk and get abusive. My niave bubble burst. I witnessed a vuglarly abusive drunk get tussled to the ground by two policemen who lost grip of him and all three went rolling down the embankments of the henge. Seeing police stopping people with bags of of assorted illegal items became commonplace. And who needed to smoke a joint as the air was thick with hash. Young lads walked passed and unprovokedly hurled abuse at the cops who were keeping guard. Just because. Why were they here? What were they getting out of the NATURAL EVENT? This spolit it for me in a way, but it was a wake up call to me i suppose. A reason Stonehenge has never appealed to me was for these reasons, i do not know why I thought Avebury would be any different.

I took a stroll around the circle as the light faded and in the darker less poplated areas teens and those teens who are now older gathered with brains disorted by acid, swigging bottles of cider, and voicing their loud attitudes. Again I didnt feel comfortable. But what did i expect?

As morning approached the local groups held their ceromonies and I instantly felt connected again, amongst those who “get it”.  As the event came to a close I smiled and reflected on the past hours. Dont take it for granted that everyone feels the same as you, some are still lost. And most probably like it that way.



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